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East Cobb

How was your experience?

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This is my third Root Canal and I can say this was a different experience. Not only was the experience almost pleasurable as strange as that sounds but the level of work and professionalism was off the Charts.
You do not need another Endodontist.

Scott Olschansky

Was very nervous about having my first root canal but was really, really pleased with Dr. Suresh. No pain whatsoever and they kept checking to be sure I was o.k... Used a microscope to see what he was doing which I thought was a great & digital x-ray which gave a much clearer picture that the one I brought from my dentist. The main procedure took about 40 minutes after the novacane took effect. I watched Hoda and Kathy Lee the whole time with earphones on....Hardest part was not laughing when a video of a dog licking a baby's food off his mouth was shown. Dr. Suresh has really good credentials from Case Western and would definitely recommend him and had complete confidence in his work.
Nancy Scott

My first root canal was a very painful and traumatic experience. My dentist referred me and once I made it there ( same day ) and sat down in a chair ... the pain was gone in a few minutes and the recovery was swift and painless. I told my Dentist how pressed I was, she said Yep, Suresh is the best.
Rod Collier

Dr. Andy Suresh - what a fantastic experience.  Yes it was a root canal.  
Knowledgeable, confident, caring.  I had to take medication after the root canal, not only the Dr. Suresh was carful enough to review my chart and possible side effects of the medication, but he contacted both my Internist and my Urologist, to ensure that it was safe for me to take the drug. 
I wish all of my doctors were Dr. Suresh.
Irina R.

If anybody needs to go see a specialist for their root canal, go to this amazing Endodontic Dr. Anand W. Suresh. He did two root canals for me ( in one week) and I can't even describe how incredible, professional and kind he and his team is. I was out in 50 min, quick and painless. Dr. Suresh called that same evening after my procedure and checked on me. I am so very appreciative for the care he gave me.
Paulina B.

Dr. Suresh is simply amazing. I have had 3 root canals with him and he's very gentle, worried about patient comfort, and explains everything very well. He will always go the most conservative route so will not perform procedures that he doesn't feel is necessary, unlike some other doctors. He will also call you that evening to check on you and make sure you are doing ok. He's an amazing Dr. and I would recommend him to anyone.
Sarah S.

If you need a Root canal ask your dentist to refer you to Dr. Suresh. I had such an easy & great experience. The staff was so professional and genuinely nice. You know sometimes you can just tell when someone is a good person and Dr Suresh is a really good person. Very professional, caring & he knows his stuff.

Shannon W.